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one more chance…

Tuhan jawab doaku lagi. this time with different way. Through dream. The way that I actually don’t believe. hehhe… But He did. He show me through my dream. the night after the dream, I encourage myself to be brave and to try, even it seems impossible. But it works… after I pray it for days, it actually answered. Now I have to keep on praying so that I can really work hard this time to be perfect. Now I’m back on my feet, fired up, prepared, and have to be careful not to fall on the same hole again. I cannot fail this time. Read More…

Lead Your Heart

One of the most important thing in love is that you should not just follow your heart. You should lead it. You don’t let your feelings and emotions do the driving. You put them in the back seat and tell them where you’re going. The bible says that “the heart is more deceitful than all else” (Jeremiah 17:9), and it will always pursue that which feels right at the moment. Love is a decision and not just a feeling.

– Love Dare –

What human do best…

History has proven that making excuses is what humans do best.

– Proposal Daisakusen –

I think it is true. Human is not perfect. Nobody perfect, but nobody wants to be disrespect. Read More…

Ku bersyukur Dia dengar ku, meskipun tak terkabul…

“Ku bersyukur dia dengar ku, meskipun tak terkabul…”

Salah satu bait dari lagu yang di nyanyiin di gereja tadi langsung membuat gw tersentak. Antara senyum2 ga jelas, bengong, mikir. Harusnya sudah bersyukur yah klo Tuhan udah mau dengan persoalan kita yg seupil itu. Klo dibandingin ama persoalan orang lain – orang miskin yang berjuang antara hidup dan mati, dll – persoalan kita mah ga ada apa-apanya. Tapi sekecil apapun persoalan kita, Tuhan tetap peduli dan menyediakan telinga-Nya untuk cerita kita. Dan Tuhan tidak menganggap cerita itu tidak penting. Dia mengerti semengerti-mengertinya perasaan kita saat mengalami masalah itu. Dia sudah pernah melewati semuanya, bahkan lebih berat dari masalah apapun. Dia benar-benar care terhadap semua persoalan kita.
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Disciples – Stand Firm

This video is so cool. Remind me to stand firm. We are at war now. If we lose today, tomorrow fight again. Never give up becoz our battle is not over. If we win, fight again tomorrow and help others who not win yet. We may lose our battle but Jesus had win the war. MERDEKA!!!

My Tricky Thought

I don’t understand how mind works. It’s really a great things that God create for human being with its great potential, but become great threat when it is polluted with sin. My thought have a great influence to my motivation. Sometimes I just don’t know what my motive is. Sometimes I do things just because I know that it is right, but at the other hand with the same occasion  my thought just think about my pride. Want people to look that I am a kind man, but no one knows what behind all that. Sometimes even I don’t know what I really do that for.
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Too Late…

At the moment you’re about to lose the person you love the most in life, you’ll realize that he/she is the one. But it’s already too late.

– Proposal Daisakusen –

Jay Chou vs Yu Hao – Live Piano Battle

This piano battle that make me like Jay Chou.. heheh.. It’s really cool. You should watch it.. It combined with mario bros theme song.. Never seen someone play like this before.. Enjoy..

Install Oracle 9i on Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1

oracle-9i-cakeAfter install Red Hat 2.1, I tried to install Oracle 9i. These are steps of how I do it. Its important to plan the disk partition when you install Red Hat 2.1. Hope this can help anyone who need it. If you have question, feel free to leave comment, I’ll try my best to help. You can download the file here.

Install Oracle 9i on Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1

Using rlwrap to get command history of Oracle sqlplus and RMAN

These are what I’m using:

  • VMware Workstation 5.5
    host: Windows XP
    guest: Red Hat Advanced Server 2.1
    using Shared folder to exchange data between host and guest.
  • Oracle 9i

By default, Oracle sqlplus and RMAN don’t have command history under Linux OS. You have to type the same command over and over again. But you can use rlwrap to get command history for sqlplus and RMAN. Follow these steps:

  1. Download rlwrap (use browser downloader, cannot use download software).
  2. Extract the .tar.gz file.
  3. Login as root user.
  4. From root home, run the configure file.
    [root@eric root]# /mnt/hgfs/Share/rlwrap-0.30/configure
    [root@eric root]# make install
  5. now you can connect to sqlplus and RMAN using rlwrap:
    $ rlwrap sqlplus / as sysdba
    $ rlwrap rman target /
  6. Now you can use your previous command history by pressing up or down arrow.

Have fun…