Jay Chou – Shuo hao de xin fu ne

ni de hui hua ling luan zhe
zai zhe ge shi ke
wo xiang qi pen quan pang de bai ge
tian mi sa luo le

qing xu mo ming de la che
wo hai ai ni ne
er ni duan duan xu xu chang zhe ge
jia zhuang mei shi le

shi jian guo le zuo le
ai qing mian lin xuan zhe
ni leng le juan le wo ku le
li kai shi de bu kuai le
ni yong ka pian shou xie zhe
you xie ai zhi gei dao zhe zhen de tong le

zhen me le.ni lei le.shuo hao de.xing fu ne
wo dong le.bu shuo le.ai dan le.meng yuan le.
kai xin yu bu kai xin, yi yi shu shuo zhe, ni zai bu she
na xie ai guo de gan jue dou tai shen ke. wo dou hai ji de.

ni bu deng le. shuo hao de xing fu ne
wo cuo le. lei gan le. fang shou le. hou hui le.
zhi shi hui yi de ying yue he zai xuan zhuan zhe
yao zhen me ting ne

English version

your reply is in a mess
at this moment in time,
i thought of the pigeon beside the fountain,
the sweetness is scattered.

a mysterious tugging of my emotions
i’m still loving you.
but you continued singing
pretending that nothing has happened.

time has passed and left,
love is faced with a choice.
you’ve become cold and i’ve cried
the unhappiness you felt when you left,
you just wrote them down on a card.
sometimes love can only be like this and it’s really painful.

what happened, you’re tired, where is the happiness that we agreed on?
i understand, don’t say anymore, love has weakened, my dreams have drifted.
being happy or not, narrating them one after another, you cant bear it.
those feelings of loving were way too deep, i can still remember them.

you’re not waiting anymore, wheres the happiness that we agreed on?
i was wrong, tears have dried, we’ve let go, we’ve regretted.
only that musical box of memories still continue to turn,
how can it be stopped?


One response to “Jay Chou – Shuo hao de xin fu ne”

  1. ericwijaya says :

    u can download the mp3 from the download page.. ^^

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