Always break promises to Him?

Keluaran 24:3 “Lalu datanglah Musa dan memberitahukan kepada bangsa itu segala firman TUHAN dan segala peraturan itu, maka seluruh bangsa itu menjawab serentak: “segala firman yang telah diucapkan TUHAN itu, akan kami lakukan.””

How much time are we and Israel-ties alike? I have made so much commitment before God, just like the Israel-ties. I will not do this, I will do that, I will pray, I will help the poor, I will blablabla…  After listening to preach, I often make commitment, especially when the word of God really talking to me. But as times passes by, I started to forget about it. Blame my humanity or my weakness and comfort my self with “God will understand”. God do will understand. He always do. But, don’t we shame about it. We are the one who commit, God never make us do. We make promises, we break the promises. What if God ask us, why you break almost all your promises to Me, and you don’t even remember it anymore? My girl will absolutely cannot accept it if I do that to her. But why I do that to God? God always do His end of the deal, will we?

God Bless… Happy Sunday and don’t forget to read the word of God..

(sorry if the English is a mess. I just started to write in English)


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