My Tricky Thought

I don’t understand how mind works. It’s really a great things that God create for human being with its great potential, but become great threat when it is polluted with sin. My thought have a great influence to my motivation. Sometimes I just don’t know what my motive is. Sometimes I do things just because I know that it is right, but at the other hand with the same occasion  my thought just think about my pride. Want people to look that I am a kind man, but no one knows what behind all that. Sometimes even I don’t know what I really do that for.

God created brain to store memory of our lifetimes. Good memory and bad memory. Every motive we have in the past becomes habit in out thought and it’s really hard to change that. I don’t understand sometimes it just showed up in flash in my thought and I realize that my motives is not right. Besides, every man always want to be respected, praised, and honored. When I get praised, sometimes my motive become not right. There is something in my thought that boast my deed.

My bad thoughts in the past sometimes just showed up in flash in my thought. Get attracted by beautiful girl (which I regret the most right now), my silly thought, my past mistakes, my past sinful thought and behavior, and so on. But it helps me to realize that I’m just a weak human being that cannot strive alone to fight all my sin.

I learn that every memory that we make with our deeds will affect us in the future. We are who we are now is the product of our billion decision we make in the past (quote from Mr. Samuel ET). Make every decision – even the tiny one – really carefully. I know what regret feels like. I lost my most precious because of my silly thought. And it feels like a living hell. So don’t ever try this at home!!!

We have to lead our thought by the Word to make a right decision. Do this often to make our thought get used to these. Only the Word of God can help us lead our thought, teach us what is right, purify our motives and thoughts, affect our deeds and every word that come out of our mouth. So don’t forget to read the Word of God every day and decide every decision based on the Word. Our mind will get used to these. And I believe that there is no regret of doing this.

For everyone that knows me, remind me if I fall.

God Bless…


One response to “My Tricky Thought”

  1. eind_hov says :

    likes this very much. ^^

    remind me if i fall too, bro. 🙂

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