What human do best…

History has proven that making excuses is what humans do best.

– Proposal Daisakusen –

I think it is true. Human is not perfect. Nobody perfect, but nobody wants to be disrespect. That’s why when they make mistake, they always find a way to make excuses as logical as possible, especially man (I don’t know about woman, they sometimes just silent and not making any explanation). Sometimes this “imperfect” things become the greatest weapon. I know that imperfect is in our nature. And I always want another chance to fix my mistake. When I want it, I really want it that bad. Maybe like in this Dorama, I just say “Hallelujah, chance…” then I get another chance… hahaha… But its not that easy to change the things we have done in the past.

Although become perfect is almost impossible (I don’t know if it is possible or not), but God set the perfect standard for His children. But when His children cannot reach that standard and always fail, He doesn’t lower the perfect standard. He give another chance, another chance, and another more chance. He knows our heart if we really want do the best. Even if we don’t want to do the best, He still give us a chance to do it over and over again until we can reach for it one by one. That’s one thing I love about God. He is so patient and so kind. He gives people around us to help us reach that goal. He doesn’t leave us in our imperfect being with our weakness and sorrow. He understand out weakness, but He doesn’t accept that. He will help us face our weakness.

If we fail His test today, He will give us another same test with another condition soon until we past the test. So be ready for His examination every day.


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