one more chance…

Tuhan jawab doaku lagi. this time with different way. Through dream. The way that I actually don’t believe. hehhe… But He did. He show me through my dream. the night after the dream, I encourage myself to be brave and to try, even it seems impossible. But it works… after I pray it for days, it actually answered. Now I have to keep on praying so that I can really work hard this time to be perfect. Now I’m back on my feet, fired up, prepared, and have to be careful not to fall on the same hole again. I cannot fail this time.

Now I learn to keep my commitment with daily evaluation. It hard actually even for small commitment. I often forget about it, but when I look at my note to evaluate, i realize that i forget some of them. You should try itu to. Its quite easy to make your commitment evaluation. Just use excel to make it. The column is for date, the row for your commitment. Evaluate each of your commitment, just use the check or cross sign for success and failed. Do it every night. Every morning you can open it to see what is your commitment. so that you know which one You ussually forget or don’t care.

Its already late at night and I have to go to bed right now. Gnite. Thanks God 4 everything You have done. help me make it right again.


One response to “one more chance…”

  1. eind_hov says :

    mimpi apa nih…?? hahaha..

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