rcp – copy files between different machine without password

Tu use rcp on your system, you have to do these steps:

  1. Install rsh-server
    rpm -Uhv rsh-server-xxxxx.rpm
  2. Activate rlogin and rsh
    chkconfig rlogin on
    chkconfig rsh on
  3. Edit ~/.rhosts file and add the hostname that can rcp to this system.
    hostname1 username
    hostname2 username

    If the file doesn’t exist, create one and add the lines above.
  4. try tp rcp file to the other system.
    rcp [filename] [hostname]:[filename]
    rcp test rac2:test1

when I try rcp on my system (RHEL4) I get this error.


Then I use /usr/bin/rcp instead of rcp command and it worked.

/usr/bin/rcp test rac2:test1

Then I do this:

# su -

# which rsh

# mv /usr/kerberos/bin/rsh /usr/kerberos/bin/rsh.original
# mv /usr/kerberos/bin/rcp /usr/kerberos/bin/rcp.original
# mv /usr/kerberos/bin/rlogin /usr/kerberos/bin/rlogin.original

# which rsh

Now I can use rcp command directly.


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