VMWare USB cannot connect to Host USB

I have problem with VMWare USB. The vmware cannot read the usb I plugged on my host. When the vmware start, there are some warning about usb not connected.

The root cause of this problem is that VMWare only support USB root hub driver from Microsoft. When your USB root hub driver get updated by another software (sony ericsson pc suite, AMD, etc.) the vmware cannot detect the usb driver.

What you can do is install the Microsoft USB Hub Driver on your Host. This is how you do it:

1.  Right Click on your My Computer icon and click Manage. Go to Device Manager. Search for USB Root Hub.

2. Double Click on one of USB Root Hub. Check the Driver Provider. If it is a Sony Ericsson or provider other than Microsoft, you should install the Microsoft Driver. Klik Update Driver to Install Microsoft Driver.

3.Choose Install from a list or specific location.

4. Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install.

5. Choose USB Root Hub from the bottom.

6. Check again the Manufacturer. Make sure it is already changed to Microsoft.

7. Do step 1-6 on all the USB Root Hub.

8. Restart the Computer.

Hope this will work on you guys too.

Best Regards,

Eric Wijaya

24 responses to “VMWare USB cannot connect to Host USB”

  1. Gayan says :

    yay! it worked, Thanks dude! my problem was Sony Ericsson PC Suite

  2. Ivan says :


  3. spencer says :

    what if all the usb root hubs were already had drivers by microsoft cause i checked and there all by microsoft and it wont connect. Anyone know another way to fix it to get the usb ports to work. BTW im running windows 7 and in trying to run the mac vm so that i can plug in my iphone and update to the 4.0 software sice you cant run the update on windows. please help asap thanks.

    • ericwijaya says :

      Have you installed the vmware-tools in your mac?
      I have tried in solaris and the usb doesn’t work too..

  4. Andira Muttakim says :

    thx bro.. it’s worked!!!
    the PC Suite problem….

  5. Adamvnz says :

    Found I had this problem after updating a friends Sony-ericssion phone.
    Followed your instructions and all fixed

  6. zeli says :

    Great, It’s ok now. Thanks

  7. cool says :

    oh cool!!

  8. Hi says :

    You dont have to restart. Go to Start (Windows Orb) > Type in the search box “Services” without quotations and find VMWare USB Arbitration Service > Right click and hit start. All done.

  9. Naim Bazzi says :

    This is exactly what i found !! SonyEricsson lol thanks

  10. Gorge Clooney says :

    Wow it actually worked

  11. Wodka Gorbatschow says :

    Thanks man, it was driving me bonkers! Damn you Sony. This also solved my slow USB transfer problems I’ve been having. I should have know it was something this stupid.

  12. Dan says :

    It all boils down to Microsoft sucks ass!!! Can’t wait for their demise so all my friends will stop asking me to help them “fix” their PC. I tell everyone I help that the only way to REALLY fix their PC issues is to get a Mac. I have enough of a reputation that it’s actually working. So far I’ve converted 5 of my friends and they haven’t looked back. Damn you Microsucks!

  13. Jack says :

    Thank you! 🙂 its now fixed.

  14. justasking says :

    I have all the drivers by Microsoft, but still the USB doesnt work. Pls help me in this.

  15. Jimisola says :

    Worked. Actually, “Rollback driver” solved it for all “USB Root Hub” devices at once.

    Thank you.

  16. Fredson C. Carvalho says :

    The Best tip. Congratulation!!

  17. Frank Lim says :

    Millions thanks, Pro. This info solved the headache that i faced for few months.

  18. karma says :

    amazing! thanks!!!

  19. Pradeep Jagadale says :

    Thank u my problem is succesfully solve

  20. kevinbennett3@gmail.com says :

    @ “Hi” – Thanks! My drivers were all Microsoft, but the VMWare USB Arbitration service was not running.

  21. ritesh says :

    gr8 thks a lot!

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