Happy Birthday my Blog… ^^ (geli…)

Happy 1st birthday, my blog. I’m actually late. Sorry. Technically my blog was born at July 21st, 2009.

Well I hope my blog can help anyone who needs help, technically or non-technically. But my blog have surely have helped me a lot. It is where I can note the how-to, troubleshooting, or anything that can help anyone with the same problem as me and also help me to re-look when I get the same trouble again. It’s just like my online note book. ^^

This blog also keep my head straight so I still can think straight about life. Sometimes when I’m writing, I can think more clearly and thoroughly.

Hope for the following years this blog can be more blessing to me and to anyone who reads it.

Eric Wijaya


5 responses to “Happy Birthday my Blog… ^^ (geli…)”

  1. ida says :

    pengen sih.. tapi masa si pik skripsi, ko kerja, tar sa pulang begimana???
    masa nongkrong sendiri mpe berjam2.. huuuu…. ūüė•

  2. ericwijaya says :

    haha. maen2 aja ke tempat skripsi pik. hari itu dy ke perusahaan? wkwkwkwk..

  3. ida says :

    sepertinya begitu…

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