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Upgrade Iphone 4S to iOS 6 successfully

Today I successfully upgrade my iphone 4s to IOS 6. The things you need to do is:

  1. Upgrade your iTunes to iTunes 10.7 (or the latest iTunes).
  2. For safety purposes, backup your iPhone to iTunes.
  3. Connect your iPhone to your computer, when you are prompted to update your iphone, choose download only. Don’t update directly. Just download the iOS 6 to your iTunes first.
  4. You need to connect to Internet DIRECTLY!!! This is really important. When you connect to internet through a router, you most probably will get error 3014 (which I get earlier with all other iphone lover).
  5. Wait about 20 minutes and you can enjoy your iOS 6. 🙂

The first things I tried is the new apple maps (that is complained by most of the user). For me its quite accurate showing my current location :).

Hope this help.

IE Table fixed width

This thing with IE almost get me bold. I cannot set the width of a table property for example:

table td { width:50px; }

This won’t work only in IE7. Finally I found this blog post that give the property needed by IE7 to set the width of the table property

table-layout: fixed;

It works like a charm for me.

note: to all IE user, please use other browsers.

Tiada Ternilai

Di hati-Mu terukir namaku
Di mata-Mu terlukis wajahku
Bukan kar’na kuat gagahku
Namun hanya kar’na kemurahan-Mu

Meski terkadang aku terjatuh
Tak pernah lelah Kau hampiriku
Memelukku dengan cinta-Mu
Betapa besar mulia kasih-Mu

Bagi-Mu Tuhan
S’gala Pujian
Hormat Kemuliaan
Tiada Ternilai
Salib-Mu Tuhan
Sungguh Berharga Engkau…Yesus

Saat Kusembah-Mu

Tuhan pelita hidupku
Terang jalanku
Engkau penolongku
Kini jiwaku memuji
Tiada terbagi
Engkau yang di hati
Kutinggikan Kau Allahku
Di atas mesbah syukurku
Tinggallah dalamku
Penuhi hatiku
Kuagungkan Kau Yesusku
Di s’panjang umur hidupku
Nyatakan kemuliaanMu
Saat kusembahMu
Hanya dekat padaMu
Tenang hatiku
Engkau pelindungku