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Shuo Le Zai Jian – Jay Chou

[The phrase “再見” in Mandarin literally means “see you again”, the chorus is a clever play on words. Having said this, it translated to “goodbye” though, so the lyrics flowed better]

tian liang le, yu xia le, ni zou le
The weather is cool, the rain is falling, you are leaving
qing chu le, wo ai de, yi shi le
It is crystal clear that I have lost my dear one
luo ye piao zai hu mian shang shui zhao le
The fallen leaves rest upon the surface of the lake

xiang yao fang, fang bu diao, lei zai piao
I want to let go, but it is hard to do so, the tears are falling
ni kan kan, ni kan kan bu dao
You look, but you don’t see
wo jia zhuang guo qu bu zhong yao
I pretend to myself that the past is insignificant
que fa xian zi ji ban bu dao
but I realize that I cannot do it
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