Windows 7: Install the same update every shutdown

I’m using Windows 7 and start getting annoyed because every time I shutdown my laptop, the Windows will install the same amount of updates. So I checked the history of updates and found that the update is failed. So I install the update manually and solved the problem. If you get the same trouble, you can do these:

  1. Check your update history. Go to Start Control Panel System and SecurityWindows Update.
  2. On the left panel, click View update history.
  3. Find the repeated failed update. Note the name and number of the update.
  4. Go to and search for the update you needed.
  5. Download and install it manually.

Hopefully your problem will go away.

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12 responses to “Windows 7: Install the same update every shutdown”

  1. Thurman says :

    Each time Windows 7 was shutdown, several updates needed to be installed. By following above advice by going to and manually installing each update, that worked. Thanks for information.

  2. Personalised Mugs says :

    well, i have troubles installing windows7 on my PC. maybe i need a bios update or something ‘,;

  3. Ja Jang says :

    tnx bro .. it helps me and my windows 7 🙂

  4. Travis says :

    Didn’t solve it for me. My laptop installs 4 updates every time I shut down and they are successful each time. They all involve the .NET Framework 4. I don’t know what to do… it successfully installs them every time but it keeps installing them every shutdown. Really annoying when shutdowns take 10 minutes because of this.

  5. Jon says :

    Same issue for me on the .NET framework 4 updates. PITA! Any news on how to fix this? Tried manual updates and they are successful. Doesn’t matter to Win 7. It is an endless loop.

  6. jamail says :

    i have the same problem, i will try it and respond ASAP

  7. Paul A says :

    I have the same exact problem, mostly it is .net 4 updates and .net 4 security updates, driving me crazy. Windows update “fix it” doesn’t fix anything after it says it does. Running Windows 7 64bit.

  8. Mr. Miles says :

    Every night I get the same .NET updates. KB2600217, KB2487367, Kb2468871, KB2656351, KB2533523, plus the occasional security update KB2310138 whith the new definitions. I got a batch of 19 new security updates plus the Platform Update for Wnd7 (KB2670838) and an update for MS security essentials (KB2804527) in the 2 days preceding the start of this problem. Has anybody been able to resolve this? We also upgraded to the new QuickBooks around the same time. Also running Win7 64bit.

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