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4 responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Sagar Ramgade says :

    Hi Eric,
    I have launched a site http://www.drupalearth to contribute towards drupal, I would like to request you to register on the site and write a blog about drupal.
    My motive behind site existence is to make drupal resources easily available so that it grows more.
    I hope your help towards it.


  2. Xavier Garcia says :

    related with your page “Add Superfish drop down menu for Drupal 6 Theme” I am attempting to add superfish to primary links but there is a step that I have just not understood it. In step 4 when editing the file page.tpl.php you suggest “If you have your own css, you replace the red text with the id of your menu css”, I use the theme Nitobe but I don’t know which ID has my theme, as I can find it?

    I attempt to use some module to show submenus and for what I have seen for the time being I have not had success either with dhtml menu or with nice menus. Because of I think that superfish could be a good tool.

    Thank you very much Eric.

    Congratulations for your work with drupal. Sincerely

    Xavier Garcia

    • ericwijaya says :

      Hi Xavier,
      You can see in the page.tpl.php and find where is your primary links being printed.
      For example like this:
      div id=”mainnav”>
      ?php if (isset($primary_links)) : ?>
      ?php print $primary_menu; ?>
      ?php endif; ?>
      My primary links is being printed in the div id=”mainnav”>
      So the ID for the primary links is “mainnav”. If you are using class instead of id, you can use .mainnav instead of #mainnav.
      Hope this can help.
      (I remove the open tag < because it cannot print with html tag ^^ )

      Eric Wijaya

  3. kristinasdavis says :

    Hi, Do you do any freelance on Drupal sites?

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